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Sanford School is a creative and inclusive preschool–12 community that encourages students to embrace their individuality,
tap into their talents, stretch their skills and broaden their ambitions. Learn more at Sanford School.

Mar 5, 2020

Sanford Boys’ Basketball Coach, Assistant Athletic Director, and Dean of Students Stan Waterman and Sanford Girls’ Basketball Coach Marcus Thompson ‘85 share their Sanford stories. Learn more about their experiences as coaches, parents, and leaders, and hear their thoughts about the upcoming 2020 state...

Mar 2, 2020

Ted Dwyer, president of Sanford School’s Board of Trustees, talks about “all things Sanford” with Head of School Mark Anderson. Listen in to learn about the school’s strategic plan, facility improvements, academic and extracurricular programs, and much more.

Episode Guide (27:16)
:50 - Ted's Sanford story
1:56 -...